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Partner and / or plot search

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I don't know if my ideas can be suitable for this place, but I would like to try to find a partner for them.

I prefer 1x1 role play. I don't have a plot, but I have two ideas.

Before exposing my ideas some minimal information:

I prefer a male / male story, which also involves intimate relationships

I like real Asian photos for my characters, but it's not the letter of the law

About ideas: one of them is related to an alternative universe called the A / B / O universe.

I've read a lot of facts about the relationship between an Alpha and an Omega.

I am still new to this field, but I want to learn as much as possible.

The first idea would be: 

lone alpha, who owns a car repair shop - he being a mechanic - wakes up one day with an abandoned car at his workshop.

There's an injured and beaten omega in the car. The alpha takes him home, calls his cousin to see him.

After consulting his doctor's cousin, he gives the mechanic a treatment plan.

The lone alpha procures all the written products and takes care of the omega as advised by his cousin.

When the omega begins to recover, he cannot speak because of the shock, but the alpha continues to take care of him and be kind, gentle and affectionate with him.

But when the omega starts talking, what will the lone alpha find out about him?

The second idea would be:

A guy of average condition, shy, studious, with a scholarship, always jumping when it comes to helping someone, he finds himself in class in college with a handsome, athletic, rich guy who thinks he has everyone at his feet.

Beautiful girls swarm around him, but he's sadder. Nobody knows why he doesn't smile much.

By chance, the two get closer. Will the smiling, shy guy manage to soften the heart of the "ready money" guy?

I don't know what else can I say. Feel free to put questions.

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I still search a partner. Maby this ideas isn't suitable on this kind of forum, but I still looking

for partner. Maby some suggestion are good than my ideas.

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