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To stab a grumpy dragon! (Quest: Dragon Legend)

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Ferrah, not a conversationalist, continued to follow the group along the snowy track in silence. Her pepper and salt locks shifted in the icy breeze, and she brushed a bit of snow from her hip. After spending a good six months of guarding an ice-breed dragon, whose very radiance turned her prison into a winter wonderland, the mountains' frigid atmosphere wasn't too bothersome. After riding Akul for several days, she welcomed stretching her legs. Ferrah stayed in the nearby vicinity of the group but explored the outskirts for tracts of winged beasts. A mark on a tree or scat on the dirt, Ferrah investigated it all as they adventured. The flora was different from Lagrimosa, the underbrush more bitter, and the stems a little sweeter.

Ferrah spits out a piece of root. That one made her tongue tingle. 

They reached a dense wood, dusted in white with a glittering understory of weaving sunlight through the canopy. Ferrah watched the shimmer rings of amber flicker on the group, listening with no mind to Drauner frolic through the trees like the missing link. She also climbed a tree but did not play. Reaching the top of the canopy, she gazed over the mountainside, looking for a cavern or orifice in the distance. She measured the miles and estimated the time it would take at their pace. Her crimson eyes focused more, looking for a spark of cornish yellow gliding amongst the peaks. Akul wasn't in sight. Whenever the lazy lizard decided to track her, it may be challenging to locate them or hear her whistle if they trekked too far. Taking a dagger from her sash, she pressed the sharp curve against her palm. Her muscles bulged and tensed; it took a lot of force to pierce their skin. The surface pain receptors of the Tyrvtol Tribe burned away long ago from generations in a volcano, so it was only when the thing rivulets of coal-tinted maroon blood appeared that she felt the sting of pain. She flexed her hand a few times to increase the circulation, then rubbed the hot liquid on the rubbery pines. The dragon would pick up the scent if it searched the area; she'd have to remember to do this every few miles they traveled. 

To be honest, she'd also welcome some other bloodthirsty creature's enticement of her scent. She was itching to fight. 

Ferrah descended to the rest of the group, flicking a bit of foliage from her hair as they continued on.

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