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Sabine Fenvaris vs Thyphainne Gladesinger

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The Velhatien Desert

Bones of massive, once-majestic creatures lie hot and steaming in the sands. Clouds that have never borne any rain shift overhead, preparing for a night colder than any the South has ever known. The wastelands of Genesaris is filled with vast ruins lost to time, roaming with creatures strange and hostile. Hunters and warriors alike search the desert for hidden treasures, encountering things never before seen, with much more to discover and tell of in tales... should they return alive to the kinder plains and forests of Genesaris.

The magical, golden desert of Velhatien is by far the roughest and most brutal of lands in all of Genesaris. The few nomads and clans that make their living in the rolling, shifting dunes are known for their strength, will, and ability to adapt to the cruelest of environments. Suspicious of outsiders, these stoic inhabitants respect only the hardiest of visitors, standing no nonsense from the occasional foolhardy tourists.

While at first glance Velhatien seems mostly devoid of life, many creatures roam the desert. Fire elements of all shapes, sizes, species, and families are known to hide beneath the sands, emerging daily to hunt and forage for the scant food available to them. Other, less volatile creatures hide in the small oasis scattered far into the desert, taking advantage of these small paradises as sources of water and much-needed shade. These tiny areas of grass and trees and pools of fresh water are often seen populated with the nomads and clanspeople of the desert, who are no less appreciative of any mercy the desert has to spare.

Once, the desert was a place of worship - likely by those who prayed to the Fire Elements - but now all the temples and churches lie buried in the roiling sands, holding what many consider to be great treasures and artifacts there for the taking by those brave enough to seek them. Undoubtedly guarded by ancient forces wise and strong, few have actually ventured into the heart of the desert where the most cruelest of forces life - the Fire Plains. The Velhatien Desert temperature reaches -38°C at its coldest and +42°C


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The life of an adventurer is without a doubt, one of great strife and hardship. There was never a moment without some form of great treasure to be had, or harrowing obstacle to overcome. For Thyphainne, this sentiment rang truest in her journey through the Velhatien desert, a journey overflowing with breathtaking sights and hair raising dangers.

For days she has trekked along the sun scorched sands of this place, in search of an artifact of incredible power and mystery. If she could claim the Earthshaker Sphere for herself, then there would be no cause to doubt her prowess as bother an adventurer and a warrior, for surely only those of great skill and willpower can obtain such an object. Of course, there was a harsh distinction between wanting and actually finding, an artifact of great power. One thing she was becoming very certain of, and that was she did not enjoy being in a desert.

Nights were just as bad as the days, with her body going from sweating to shivering in a matter of minutes, leaving the warrior looking for cover so she could warm up with a blanket from her pack. It just didn't make any sense to her. How can someplace be hot in the day, and freezing at night? It was simply madness, she thought one night behind a dilapidated wall, shivering in the cold, before feeling the coming signs of one of the worst things about the desert.

A sandstorm.

In the morning, when the storm had finally settled, Thyphainne dug herself out of the sand, black armor dulled from days of travel. Looking around, the entire landscape had changed, shifting from sand dunes, to the courtyard of a magnificent temple ruined by the endless march of time. Somehow, she knew she was meant to go here.

Slowly, carefully, she began to traverse the wide staircase that lead up to the temple, finding comfort in the shade the structure afforded her with its size and grandeur. Her journey was just beginning...

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