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Houndy Poochykins

Sinners Den - New Everruns demonic nightclub.

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The Building

Basic Layout: Sinners Den is a two story building. The first floor of which is a dancefloor, bar, and if the venue calls, a stage. Its a square building foundation, with a small parking lot, as there's parking in a nearby garage. The second story is a Vip area. Room enough for several booths, with tables that each have drink holders and poles for a private dancer. There is a detached garage where the own Dia parks exclusively. The garage fits two cars when she doesn't park dead center, which she always does. The garage's second floor is her apartment, which is small but lavish. some of the finest beddings, furniture, and amenities money can buy. 


Exterior: The neon sign is located over an arch doorway. Behind the sign, is a pinup devil girl with a microkini on, laying on her side. Complete with horns, wings, and tail. The main lobby has windows, as does much of the exterior. The exterior is lined with neon and spot lighting of fierce red and plum purple varieties. The exterior doors both have an "18+" sticker. The building has black stucco walls, mild planters of various rare plants she had brought in to match the theme, specifically, thorny rose bushes. Despite being on the main drag, it doesn't smell like car exhaust. One can faintly hear music inside from outside.


Interior: As You walk in Your in a small foyer/lobby where the rules of the establishment are on the doors, directly to your left is the bar, with room for about 12 barstool seats. The first floor is mostly standing room. To the right is the stairs to floor 2, as well as the bathrooms. There are various areas where the rules are posted as well. The music selection varies, but during dance nights it will usually be fast upbeat dance tunes, likely popular ones. A live DJ could mean anything though. Dia herself is more a fan of metal, and bands may or may not reflect that taste on a night dedicated to a concert. The club uses cinnamon scented air freshener, one of her favorites. It also maintains a relatively comfortable 68 degrees. There is typical a lot of lighting effects.

On Floor two there are abut 7-8 booths. Each has a large table with built in drink spaces, and a pole for a dancer. There is a small stall bar in the back, for servers only. (Garage: The garage is two spaces wide and long enough for almost any normal car or pickup to fit. but little else. It has a bench and space for tools. There's a small staircase in the back, that leads up to her living space. Which has a lavish king bed. There's a 20 gallon fish tank on one side with some decent looking saltwater fish, mostly reef fish like clown fish, starfish, and blue azais. The most notable is the cleaner shrimp at the bottom. She had some reefing put in for her fish. The windows have fancy drapes, and the walls are built to drown out city noises. There's a massive 90" fancy television on the wall across from her bed. As well, there's a pair of gaming towers. One has many gaming systems, old and new. The other, is basically just a 5 foot stack of games. There's a small kitchenette, with a stove, a microwave above it, attached to the cupboards, a dishwasher, fridge/freezer, and in here as well is a small table.  Under the bed, is a series of drawers and cupboards for all her weapons and such. There's a small closet for her wardrobe up here as well. The ton up here is much calmer and more personal, the lighting is more luminous purple, less vibrancy. The second floor also uses cinnamon air fresheners, as does her living space.


The Staff

Hours: Sinners Den is open for wining and drinking with dancing allowed but not over sold Monday through Thursday. Opening at 5pm, and staying open until 2am. Friday and Saturday it opens at 4pm, and stays open until 3am, dancing is heavily encouraged, as well Friday and Saturday are the nights where VIP booking is possible, as well as a live DJ, or sometimes a band. Live dancers as well. Sunday, it is closed.


Staff Rules: The staff are all expected to conduct themselves with respect to their guests, and not to go out of their way to start issues. They are also expected to dress proper for the job they are to perform. Staff are, all given self defense courses probono/gratis at a local martial arts academy. Save for the owner, no weapons are permitted on the premises, without absolutely zero exception. Seniority will dictate who gets certain shifts at first, but will only get someone so far. Violating the rules can have signifigant consequences. 


The Uniforms: Dancers are expected to dress for the theme of the night, which is planned no less than 2 weeks in advance. Assistance is possible with costumes. The bartenders uniform is a fitted corsette, and skirt. Any pair of stylish shoes that meet safety requirements is allowed, hair must be tied back if long enough to require doing so. Security is to where a functional shoes, jeans, and undershirt. And will be provided a short sleeve, long sleeve, and jacket with the title "security" on it. Servers uniforms are a tight fitting brassier with a small pair of demon wings, tight short shorts with a demonic tail, knee or thigh boots with heels, elbow gloves, a choker with an 'SD' buckle, and a devil horns hairband. Beings that already have wings, horns, or a tail, or unique body's such as paws or hooves, may be accommodated.  




1. Do not touch the staff. Ever. 
2. No weapons. zero tolerance.
3. Security is trained in law enforcement. By entering you acknowledge this and all rules and consequences.
4. No fighting.
5. No outside food or drink.
6. VIP is for VIPS only.

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Even though the club isn't open yet, Thurgood Singlance is here checking the work he and his subcontractors did, since some issues take time to manifest, and he also wants to make sure Dia is happy with the design and construction.

Right now, Thurgood is inspecting the tubes that run from the bags of soda syrup to the soda dispensation wand(s), and using an infrared camera to check for hot spots along the wire paths that could indicate a problem.

There are retro reflectors in the subway tunnel below, with a total station scanning each one with a laser to determine distance, and more importantly, make sure it's not being distorted, which would mean that the foundation columns are not completely transfering the load of the building unit to bedrock. So far any distortions have been extremely minor and expected.

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"Sinner's Den, eh? On point as usual."

Five pm on a Saturday night, and there was already a line to get in the door of the hottest new club in New Everrun. John had made sure to mention the establishment in his public appearances; not that he would take any of the credit away from its owner. Dia had really put his money to good use with this place; and Thurgood had done his usual rock-solid work in building the place. After a hard day of work, it would be nice to take in a new bar. 

Walking in, he looked for any sign of Dia. He wanted to give her the gift he'd gotten her to celebrate the opening of this place before anything else. Asking one of the scantily clad waitresses, he was directed upstairs to the VIP area. Making his way there, he would continue his search.

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Once the doors open, Thurgood leaves, knowing he'll be a hindrance to normal operations, with one last note to Dia with his contact information in case there is a problem, satisfied that all the work had been done properly and isn't springing any nasty surprises.

Of course he knows that he tends to charge more than other contractors, but that's because good tradespeople charge more, and cheaper contractors tend to cut corners where they can, like cheaper tradespeople that do sloppier jobs, less and lower quality materials, and rushing, all of which tend to cause problems later. The Sinners Den, barring any abnormally destructive disaster, will far outlive Dia with proper maintenance and upkeep, and even if the property changes hands and the new owner wants to build something else, the foundation should be sufficient to support up to a five-story building without putting stress on the infrastructure below.

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