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Strength of My Feelings [Kinumo]

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSYl21jXJWeXD6WPsW9mttoShNm8qOj0EIiXw&usqp=CAUWords on the scroll:

We welcome you to Kinumo, an area in Seinaru Forven that is known for strength and knowledge.  The best way for couples to get to know each other is to work together, so for Kinumo’s first activity on this weekend getaway we have a game for both of you to play.  You will have one hour to escape, though time is different in the Tree of Memory.  Once you have managed to escape, or failed to escape as the chance may be, we will show you to the motel where you will be staying the night.  The hotel looks over the cliffs, seeing the whole land of Kinumo in all its beauty.  The next day you will have a catered picnic under the Tree of Memory, decorated for the private affair.  Explore the land as you see fit, until the night comes and you can stargaze laying on the open planes.  Present your scrolls and yourselves to Char, a prestigious member of our assassin’s guild.  She will guide you, and protect you if necessary against any possible threats.  We hope you enjoy the wild mystery of our land.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQgLEJ7s_ftQ1Z8lfrkZ5sAs you make your way to the land of Kinumo the first thing you see will be the Tree of Memory.  It is a very large tree, as tall as a building.  The inside will seem to be even larger than the outside.  You will be guided by Char.  She looks to be a tall demon, curled horns on her head, black eyes with no whites, and sharp teeth and claws.  Char will guide you into the tree where you will be placed into this room. 


She will leave you there so that you can find your own way out and escape.  There will be clues for you to uncover, and props found in mysterious places.  Your goal… find a way out of the room. 

After you have found yourself out of the room, Char will be waiting.  She will take you to the lifts that will bring you to the village of Kinumo.  There will be the Cliffs Motel, conveniently overlooking the edge of the cliffs of Kinumo.  The drop off would be fatal for most creatures if they accidentally fell off.  Try to be at ease as you find a good night’s rest there. 



While in the room small posts will be made by me in the thread, dropping clues that need to be solved to escape the room.  Some clues can be made up on your own, if you'd like.  After you have ended the day at the Cliffs Motel, a post will be made to describe the picnic setting.  The land has dangerous plants, animals, and assassin demons.  There might be many perils that can await you in the thread if you prefer.  @Dabi @500bees


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OOC: Sorry for taking awhile, I changed the character I wanted to use last second and had to rewrite everything.


The monkey-woman had been doing the same thing for about ten minutes now. The black-eyed child hid behind a crate and watched her with curiosity. The woman had features unmistakably primate; a long snout, a fuzzy body and a long black tail. Yet she stood taller than the child by about a head and a half. She also had monkey-like hands which had been, for the past ten minutes, juggling a single large coin. Up it went, flipped, was caught, juggled to the other hand, caught and flipped again. It was hypnotising to watch.

Then, the woman was approached by another, far more familiar to the demon child. Char, tall and horned, put on her most friendly expression as she approached the visitor. The monkey-woman returned the grin with a sweet smile. She tucked a strand of short black hair behind one of two large ears and said something the child struggled to hear. Char responded, and the two held a short conversation which ended with both heading down the road, toward the Tree of Memory.

As they were leaving, the monkey-woman bent over to pick up a large quarterstaff laying by her feet. While doing so the coin - which she had stored away within her clothes - slipped out and fell to the ground, unnoticed. 

Once the two were far away, the child bolted out of her hiding spot. She grabbed the coin off the ground and ducked into an alleyway to examine her prize.


Kiki could barely contain her awe at the sight of the Tree of Memory. Not that she tried to contain it. She was openly staring up at its wast canopy, wide-eyed, mouth agape. 

"This! Is! So! Awesome!"

Her guide politely nodded at her enthusiasm.

She was led further into the Tree's deep shade, then into the tree. How awesome is that?! 

The Tree was carved out on the inside, full of rooms and halls Kiki couldn't resist poking her head into. She bombarded the guide with questions, the answers to which she savoured.

Coming here was such a good idea

Eventually they came to a door at the end of a long hallway, in front of which Char stopped. 

"And here-" the demon didn't get to finish (or even really start) that sentence when Kiki interrupted her with a loud gasp.

"This is it isn't it? Oh my gosh. Are my clothes okay? How's my makeup? Do I look ugly?" she got genuinely teary-eyed at the last question.

Her guide was taken aback.

"You- ah. You look great, Miss Moonmay. Stunning, really. I'm sure you'll get along great with yout date."

Kiki sniffed.

"I hope so," she wiped her eyes, then smiled at the guide "Thanks for the tour, by the by, you were really great. Here, you can have..."

She reached into her pants pocket and pulled out... 

"Oh," her hand was empty. But isn't that where she put her coin? She patted herself all over, but she couldn't find the coin anywhere on her person.

Oh, whatever, she thought. I'll find it tomorrow. I'm sure if one of the locals found it, they'll be nice enough to give it back.

She thanked Char again and turned to face the door. She took in a shaky breath. Her tail swished, her fingers curled into fists, her snout still itched from the bit of crying she did, her ears twitched.

Char stepped in and opened the door for her, as she correctly judged the primate wouldn't have done it on her own. Kiki gave her a thankful nod and stepped into the small waiting room. At the end of it she spotted another door with signs on it, obviously the escape room. 

At this point she truly couldn't control the mix of excitement and nervousness in her stomach, and her tail swished madly left and right.

Oh, this is going to be so, so great.

Or so, so awful.

OOC: So, who's up for dating a monkey-lady? 

Edited by 500bees

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Taking a moment to appreciate the scenery, Dauner giggles to himself as he tries to what beauty he'd have the pleasure of dating. This wasn't his first date, but he was just about as anxious as a greenhorn. Standing in front the tree was a demon. Having felt the resonance, Dauner had expected to find one here, though there's no denying, he would have preferred it if she were a succubus. Nevertheless, she still kinda looked cute.

"Hi there. You wouldn't happen to be the mystery woman who's been plaguing my mind, would you?" he asked flirtatiously.

"Welcome, Mr. Dauner. Unfortunately, no. Your date's waiting for you inside" She replied. Seeing her sharp teeth as she spoke painted a less cute impression on Dauner's mind. One which was of little importance. A cute smile always went a long way in making him ignore the little imperfections.

"Too bad. And here I was already getting my hopes up. Well, who knows. We might just end up go out together another time. I for one have incredible luck, so that's a definite possibility" he finished, giving her a wink. She then showed him inside. Dauner was too busy imagining what his lady of the day looked like, and perhaps having some naughty thoughts too, that he paid little attention to his surroundings. Finally, they were here. In front the door which now was the only thing standing between his imagination and what was reality.

"Here we are sir" Char said snapping him out of his fantasy wonderland.

"Thank you, lady Char. You've been of great help up till now" Dauner said turning to the door. "Now it's time for me to satisfy this wicked curiosity of mine" he said to himself as he grabbed the handle on the door. He then turned it and stepped in as it opened. "Hello there mi-" he stopped upon seeing his date. He didn't want to, but subconsciously let his disappointment show on his face. Guess even his incredible luck was just not enough sometimes. He turned to Char intending to ask her if the monkey lady was the one, but stopped himself upon seeing the look on her face. There was no doubt about it. Well, he wanted to be surprised? Now he could genuinely say he was surprised. Dauner then immediately regained his composure, throwing a smile at Kiki.

"Hi there. You must be Miss Moonmay. Dauner A. Light's the name. I guess we'll be keeping each other company for a while. Let's make sure we have some fun okay" he grinned.

OOC: Dauner will always be Dauner. Our very own first class perv.

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OOC; Oh, poor Dauner. Lol.

Kiki was startled by the opening of the door and swivelled around on her heels to look at the new person. 

First thing she spotted was the look on their face. Her heart froze, and she thought of the worst. Was this going to be another prematurely ended date for her? See, this is why blind dates weren't her thing. She liked to be upfront with people. Yes. She needed to be upfront. Own up to it, show her pride and confidence. She readied herself to brush off an excuse to leave the room.

But then Dauner introduced himself in the most charming way possible, and Kiki had to stifle a giggle. Oh no, he was just wonderful. She couldn't let this one go. She cleared her throat with a small "hm hm" and raised her chin a bit.

"Yes, I am Miss Moonmay. But I'd prefer it if you'd call me Kamaki, and I'll call you Dauner." she hoped she wasn't being too forward, but a bit of forwardness seemed like a small payback for his rudeness. 

She debated adding something to show she noticed his disappointment, but thought against it. No need to be petty now.

"And fun is what I'm here for. Shall we go in?" she nodded in the direction of the escape room door.

Char stepped up and opened the door for them. Then, in a moment of wildness that she will later attribute to the phase of the moon, Kiki grabbed her date by the wrist and walked with him into the room, the demon guide quickly locking the door behind them.

As she let go of Dauner's wrist, she gave him a small smile, hoping to disguise the fact that internally, every other part of her personality was screaming at her.

This was going just wonderful so far. Sarcasm to be applied later.

Edited by 500bees

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"Sure thing Kamaki" Dauner responded to her request. As far as being too forward or rude went, Dauner was the last to have the right to complain as, thanks to his clueless nature, be it feigned or genuine, he was always outright rude, saying whatever he thought without trying to be more tactful about it, or giving it any thought. As such there was no risk of him thinking anything of Kiki's forwardness.

"And fun is what I'm here for. Shall we go in?"

"Sure!" Dauner replied, only to see himself getting pulled along within instants of his reply. "My my, you're quite forceful aren't you. Well, you know, it's not like I'm going anywhere, so relax" he teased. He was quite fond of teasing girls and eliciting cute reactions from them. It simply never got old for him. Once in the room, Char locked the door behind them allowing them to commence their clue search.

OOC: @Mickey Flash Clues?

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“Hello, my friends.”  A voice filled the room, sounding disembodied and spooky.  There is no one in sight.  “Yes, I can see you,” the voice says as you look around in alarm.  “I am here to help you find your way out of the room.  I will be allowed to give you three clues to what the objects you find may mean.  Both of you have to agree for me to give out the clues.  I will know to give you clues if you both touch your noses with your index finger at the same time. There are props situated all around to be found.  There is only one way to escape.  Use the props as clues to get yourself out…. before the cursed room can take hold.”  The last words sound ominous as the voice fades away. 


Around the room there are many things to look under and behind.  There will be a paper found in a drawer of the desk.  There will be a clue under the vase on the mantel.  And there will be something carved into the ceiling. 

The paper will have this message:

Brikan was a young man who wanted a dragon for a pet.  He worked very hard for this dragon by

owning up to the mistakes that he had made and doing his chores.  His dad thought he needed to be

on the jousting squad, but Brikan was not interested in being a knight.  He did not want to

kill the dragons, but to befriend them. 

Carlin was the female he was interested in romantically.  She liked knights, and she felt they

all were worthy for the dragons that they killed.  Brikan liked Carlin, but he did not understand why

she was like this.  He would have done whatever she had asked, gone to the ends of the earth, all

except kill dragons.  Their love did not last. 


This is what you will find under the vase on the mantel:



And this will be found on the ceiling:



After posting that you have found the prop, if you need more help (a clue) to get a better idea of what the prop means just have both characters touch their noses (or both agree to this in the OOC) and tag me.  I will give a small clue for each prop.  You can discuss amongst yourselves in the OOC thread who finds what prop and who solves them.  In case you haven't followed the OOC thread here is the link:


Good luck! :smile:

@Dabi @500bees

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"Alright, let's get to it!"

Kiki felt cheer return to her as the voice faded away. She clapped her hands and swished her tail, feeling pretty energetic. Puzzles and mysteries were totally her thing!

First thing she approached was the desk. She carefully lifted each object on it - including the lamp which nearly slipped out her hands - then placed them back after careful examination. Nothing so far. She walked around the desk and crouched, checking each and every corner of it. Nothing. 

She finally found something as she opened one of the drawers.

"Aha! Look at this!" she exclaimed, waving a piece of paper in her hand, then added with a sly smile "That's one point for me."

She cleaned her throat and read the contents of the paper in a deep, theatrical voice: 


Brikan was a young man who wanted a dragon for a pet.  He worked very hard for this dragon by

owning up to the mistakes that he had made and doing his chores.  His dad thought he needed to be

on the jousting squad, but Brikan was not interested in being a knight.  He did not want to

kill the dragons, but to befriend them. 

Carlin was the female he was interested in romantically.  She liked knights, and she felt they

all were worthy for the dragons that they killed.  Brikan liked Carlin, but he did not understand why

she was like this.  He would have done whatever she had asked, gone to the ends of the earth, all

except kill dragons.  Their love did not last. 

She looked at Dauner with a puzzled expression. 

"Not sure what this means. Any ideas?"

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A creepy voice? Where was it coming from? Dauner wanted to know this, but made no effort to that end seeing as here were more pressing matters at hand. He had to escape before the room took hold. Not that he really understood what that meant, but he most certainly knew this: it meant nothing good. Plus it was probably just going to be another big pain in the backside.

Instead of rummaging around, as Kiki did, he stood with his hands lazily tucked into his pockets, and began examined the room, scanning through for anything of note. He however didn't find anything until Kiki did.

"Not sure what this means. Any ideas?"

Dauner examined the note intensely for a while before blurting out with confidence in his voice, "I have no idea. Guy, dragon, girl, knight, love. Makes no sense to me. This is a pretty tough puzzle, huh" he said grabbing a seat, a pen and a piece of paper. He began to scribble down on the paper as he examined the note. The more he wrote the more it made sense. finally, he had a clue. 'B o o k C a s e'. "Quick! Check the bookcase!" he urged Kiki feeling quite smug from having deciphered the note. Or at least he thought he had. If this was not the right meaning, then he'd have to get back to it.

OOC: I can't believe I took so long to notice something that was in plain sight

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Kiki peeked over Dauner's shoulder as he wrote. At first, she watched the words on the paper, the scribblings and random letters. Then, her attentions drifted to the hand holding the pencil, up it, over the lean arm it was attached to, to the young man's subtly muscular shoulders and back. Eventually, she found herself gazing at his face, his dark hair, and the concentrated expression which slightly furrowed his brows and gave his brown eyes a determined shine. Oh, wasn't he just the dreamiest-


Kiki was startled out of her staring by Dauner's sudden exclamation and change in posture. She backed away and did her best to look as if she was doing literally anything else a second ago.

"Check the bookcase!"

"Roger!" she said, giving him a salute.

The primate immediately went for the bookcase next to the desk. She rummaged through the shelves, checking every book. Going clockwise, she made her way to the bookcase next to the fireplace, and found nothing. It was getting a bit frustrating. Somewhere, a clock was ticking.

"I don't see anything. Are you sure you got the clue right? Maybe-"

As Kiki turned around to face her date, her elbow knocked over a vase on the mantel. It fell to the carpet with a soft sound, thankfully unbroken.

"Oh, oops. Sorry, I get clumsy when I'm nervous."

As she bent over to pick up the vase, she failed to notice something written on the spot it used to cover.


👆4 👉6


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Dauner felt rather amused by the sudden reaction from Kiki. "Man, must you really act cute so much. It's gonna get harder for me to concentrate if I keep getting this distracted" Dauner said as he bent to help her with the vase. It was then that he made eye contact with Kiki. For as long as she'd stare into his eyes, he'd stare right back, as if the embers of time had frozen them in that spot where only the two existed. Ignoring everything else as he smiled confidently at her. Hands touching each other, making a scene straight out of a romcom.

In the end, it didn't matter what they looked like. After all, Dauner was a charmer, a lady killer if you would, and s far as that aspect of him was concerned, cute ladies were his area of expertise. His domain. "No need to worry about it. Being clumsy is also a part of being cute" he added with a wink. "Shall we continue?" he suggested as he rose to his feet with the vase. Just as he was about to put it back in place, he noticed an inscription.

"What's this?" he wondered. "Forward? No. Up. 4 times upward, 6 times to the right". He then turned to Kiki grinning. "I think I found our next clue"

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 OOC: I apologise for not posting for awhile, I've been AFV. But I made use of my time away and - inspired by Dauner's profile - drew a visual reference for Kiki. This helped me properly imagine how she looks and so I retconned some things about her (no more monkey feet for she). So here she is, the weremonkey lady herself;



First one is her "default" warm weather outfit.



The second is what she's currently wearing; turtleneck with boob window, shorts, kneesocks (over sheer tights, for extra warmth), a shawl and some nice uggs. 

On 1/23/2021 at 9:38 PM, Dabi said:

"Man, must you really act cute so much. It's gonna get harder for me to concentrate if I keep getting this distracted"

Kiki could feel her cheeks take on a slightly pinker hue. Ooooh, this one's a sweet-talker. Kiki found herself twirling a lock of hair and stiffing an amused giggle. Chaaarming~

And then Dauner bent down to help her with the vase, and his fingers brushed hers as their gazes met and there was this long moment of something. She was entrapped by his gorgeous brown eyes, in which there was something oddly... draconic. Perhaps demonic? Either way, she was hypnotised. 

Then, he smiled, and it was such a confident smile, it sent a shiver down her spine. For a fraction of that beautiful moment her lips parted and she considered leaning in and planting a kiss on those curved lips-

On 1/23/2021 at 9:38 PM, Dabi said:

"No need to worry about it. Being clumsy is also a part of being cute" he added with a wink. "Shall we continue?"

Dauner rose to his feet. The moment ended. Her opportunity passed. She cursed under her breath. Fuck. But it was alright. This was only part uno of the date. There will be more opportunities to sneak a kiss on the lips of the pretty, tall and dark boy of questionable humanity.

On 1/23/2021 at 9:38 PM, Dabi said:

"I think I found our next clue"

"Oh." Her brain needed a moment to remember where they were and what they were doing. "Oh! Yeah. Right. Let me take a look."

Hmmm. She stared at the inscription. Five times forward? Five times up? From where, to where? She looked about the room, but it somehow seemed to small for these to be directions.

What if it was...

What if...


"Agh. Sorry, Dauner." she said, making the most apologetic expression she could. "I like reading about mysteries, but I guess I'm no good at solving them."

Absentmindedly, she touched her little pink nose.


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"Don't you worry about it. Just leave it to me." Dauner said as he walked over to the bookcase. "The first clue pointed us to this bookcase, but did not tell us exactly what to do with the bookcase, so this second clue must be related to it. Counting from the bottom, four shelves up" he said positioning his hand around the fourth shelf. "And six books to the right" he continued, moving his hand in accordance. "Or at least, I think that's how it should be"

He still wasn't exactly sure if this was the correct interpretation of the clues, but he had to at least give it a try. He'd seen from some movies how certain secret entrances used books as key to opening them, so he deduced that this might be the same. "Here we go" he said pulling on the book and stepping back to see what happens.

OOC: @Mickey Flash I believe this is where you chime in and tell us if something actually happens

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Once Dauner had pulled the book he believed the clue had told him to, a click could be heard.  A couple of books over a section opened, the door made of a false front consisting of book spines.  If you did not know any better, you never would have been able to tell that they were not actually books.  As a matter of fact, when Kiki had checked out the shelves before they had been regular books.  It took the magic of knowing which book to pull to allow the door to open. 

Inside the door was a panel with numbers.  The numbers were obviously a lock that was keeping something inside.   There was a handle beside the number pad.  If tugged on without the right number code it would not budge, no matter how strong you are.  

@Dabi @500bees

Edited by Mickey Flash

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Kiki couldn't help but pout. She was certain she already pulled on that book while checking the bookcase. But now you're telling me this place is cheating proof? Laaame. 

She moved in to inspect the safe. If the nonsense with the bookcase was any evidence, pressing random numbers wouldn't get her anywhere. So instead she began looking around, in search for more clues.

She crouched in front of the fireplace and ran her hand trough its inside, but couldn't feel any bumps or carvings. Just to make sure, she stuck her head in it, not thinking it would be as full of soot as it turned out to be.

"My hair!" 

Kiki pulled her head out, her neck and head now sooty. I am so stupid. She ruffled her hair to get the soot out, resulting in a small cloud of black dust rising out of her head. 

She looked at Dauner to measure how much she embarrassed herself, thought she already decided it was "a lot".

Shameful, she got to her feet and approached the sofa by the window, feigning casualness. She checked under the cushion; nothing. She inspected the window; nothing but a nice view. She rummaged through the built-in bookcases; nothing, nothing.

Already a bit frustrated, she turned to Dauner. In that moment the bit of soot still on her found a way to her nose, and she sneezed. 

I am an embarrassment.

Now she tried to avoid looking at Dauner at all and pretended that she was fascinated by the ceiling. 

This, turned out to be a wise choice as on the ceiling, right above the desk, almost hidden by a beam, something was written.

Kiki gasped. Unfortunately, she was too short to see what was written, but she pointed at the spot on the ceiling.

"There! I see something! Are you, uhm, tall enough to see what it is?" that was a silly question. Dauner towered over her with his height. That was, she had to admit, another very endearing thing about him.

Will I have to get up on the tips of my toes to kiss him? No, none of that. She shook her head, getting her thoughts in order. I'll fantasize later. Or I'll kiss him later. Now I need to not be lame and embarrassing.

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Right after the keypad lock was revealed Dauner tried randomly pushing any key to see if it would magically open the door. Unfortunately for him, reality was very much different from his current line of thoughts. After a few tries, he decided to change tactics. This time he was going to use a strategy which he'd grown accustomed to using due to using it for the past 12 years. A strategy which allowed him to open the door with minimal effort. To begin with, he walked over to the couch and took a seat at just about the same moment Kiki pulled her head out of the fireplace and created a clod of soot in the air. He then controlled the cloud and gathered it at his fingertips, toying with it as he pleased. Laying back into his new seat, he relaxed, loosening every fiber of himself to achieve absolute comfort.

"Let me know when you find something" he finally spoke, not bothering himself with the search anymore. After all, it has been proven time and time again, that it is easier to let someone else do the work than to actually do it yourself. As he relaxed his body, his eyes closed as he sunk in deeper and deeper into his seat, all sound around him fading away into indiscernible static 'noise'.

"There! I see something!"

His eyes opened up ones again. looking to where Kiki's finger pointed. There certainly was something on the ceiling. A series of number apparently. Dauner got to his feet and walked over to stand directly beneath it. He then turned his gaze to Kiki and gave her a thumbs up. "Great work Kamaki!" Grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, he wrote down the numbers.


"Here" he said handing it over to Kiki. "Would you please do the honors?" he added staring her into the eye, the smile on his face only slight, and yet the look as intense as ever.

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