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Introducing the Comity of the Kitten Pile

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I've posted an interest check for a fun social club a while ago. I never forgot about it.

Now I've thought of a name and stuff. I mean, who can be serious about a pile of kittens?

I even made a user lore page for the Comity.

Box #1 will be in the basement mall of the Copper Bell Hotel Casino.

What does this mean for you?

Primarily, a chance for your character(s) to network while having fun, because so many things in characters' lives are too damn serious.

So if you're interested,

How do you join in on this?

Well, your character needs to show up at the first initiation night. Don't worry, it'll be widely advertised. 

The initiation will be a series of silly games. The performance of your character during the games is not important: their demeanor and attitude are.

For any other round, the current box members vote on the aspirants, but right now, Thurgood and Aveline Singlance are the only members; they must both approve of an aspirant before becoming a hatted member (literally: each confirmed member gets a kitty hat).

Of course, there will be membership dues, but they will go towards operation and things needed for fun activities, and the founders have already given the account a substantial donation.

UPDATE: The thread is here

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18 hours ago, evil said:

Kitties are more able to weave spells. This is true, so why not both? 

I did not know that...

1 hour ago, The Hummingbird said:

If there's a kitten hat involved, I'm there.

Yes, each confirmed member gets a kitty hat.

and in case nobody caught the update, the in-character thread is here.

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2 hours ago, Genkuro said:

Is this still open to join? O: I been looking to kick off my rp dust O:

Yes, absolutely! I already have a couple links to the IC thread, but I'm about to tag those that have shown interest in there.

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