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The Old Smith...

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It was both her sword and the one that cut her. A move made too soon was a betrayal; too late, and it was dust on the wind.


She ran Argus.


She lay machinations in Blairville.


..and Mageside.


She kept one manicured fingernail on the pulse of New Everrun.


..and Last Chance.


She prepared.


She expanded.


They expanded.


Tia was calling. Tia, with its crumbled buildings, and its corners stuffed full of the wrecks of other people's lives, and the ruin of its magic academy...


..and its Vampyres.


Fucking Vampyres.


She carted one along with her when, a month later, she arrived back at Velindrel's shop. It was a young one, a boy who appeared to be around twenty, but had been dead longer than Phoebe cared to think about. He'd been Dead in the only way she cared about for a few years; long enough to prove his loyalty, and trust, enough to get tapped to come along with her and act as the test for Velindrel's creation.


In too-large black pants and a torn, salt-stained shirt, he was a shadow and she was the light, lively, energetic, and laughing at something as they walked into Velindrel's shop. Her light eyes found the old Smith with easy confidence and a familiar smile-- they were well known to each other, by this point, and in the same sailor's garb, but with a long water-repellent coat fluttering as free as her unbound hair, she did nothing to change it.


"Velindrel.." The name carried a grin along its syllables. "How are you, friend. I tell you.." she continued on, flush with the day's activity, "I can't wait to see what you've done-- and I brought you Damien, who can test it out for us. I'm heading into the shit in a week or two, so if we need to make adjustments, we should have time."

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Most people react with a certain amount of fear towards Vampyre folks...

Velindrel however, was an olde man considerably prepared to deal with such...clients.  He looks at the Vampire for a moment.  Frowns, but other than that he makes no other reaction....yet.

He looks at the lass.  Nodding towards her he explains the device.  "Aye."  He begins.  "The amulet generates shield and with enough capacity can burn certain...types of people."  He says with a wink.

"I worked extremely hard on the device for ye lass."  He says.  "Adjustments will be made as necessary by the shielding can provide lethal force at adequate capacity levels."  He continues.  "You adjust with the control device on the amulet.  Oh...I would suggest not testing it on your friend there he would need a considerable amount of sun block after."  He says with a grin.  He knew Vampyre types often burnt to ash when compromised enough.

Vel continues.  His face had a stern expression.  "We can do field tests in here or outside if ye needs more room lass."  He explains.  "The shield's range can extend for several yards and a variety of capacity."  He folds his arms across his chest.  "The intensity of the shield can get the job done."  He says calmly.  "Tis one of my finest works yet."  He says in addition to the explanation of the device.

He looks at the woman calmly.  "If you adjust the settings of the device ye shalt find various elemental properties of the shield.  The repelling effect as we discussed and as a bonus it can burn certain type of idiots alive."  He kept the grin on his face.

The olde smith looks at the lassy calmly.  "At ye's command we can test the device in here."  He says making sure that he keeps a close eye on that Vampire fellow, if worse came to worse, he was ready to gut the Vampyre himself.

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Damien remained passive; a languid glance drifted toward Marina from time to time in a way that seemed almost possessive, and he shifted his feet to stay near her as the conversation went on, but otherwise, he was the very model of an obedient underling... which was probably curious, all things considered, as Marina was very much warm-blooded.

"Aye," Velindrel answered her. "The amulet generates shield and with enough capacity can burn certain...types of people." He says with a wink.

"Just what I'm looking for," Marina responded, "I've got port in a city full of those people, and try as I might, I can't get the sun to stay up twenty-four hours.."  As a jest, it fell flat, anchored to seriousness by the flicker of painful memories that danced against the edge of Marina's thoughts, and pinched at her formerly laughing eyes.

"If you adjust the settings of the device, ye shalt find various elemental properties of the shield. The repelling effect, as we discussed, and as a bonus, it can burn certain types of idiots alive."

"You always do such fantastic work, Vel."  She smiled.

Vel?  They had apparently reached the 'nickname' phase of their relationship.

Reaching forward, Marina took the amulet as Velindrel offered it, delicately turning it over in her hands as she ran her fingertips over its grooves and edges.  It was beautiful; deep red, owing to the valkar, and veined with the multi-colored metals and magics Velindrel had used in his smithing, with a loop and clasp on its back so that it might be hung or worn as appropriate.  The oil on her thumb left a smear, and she couldn't help but buff it off with the cuff of her coat.

"At ye's command, we can test the device in here." He says, with an eye toward Damien.

"Let's do that," she said, glancing around the wide expanse of the smith.  At its full power, the amulet would more than encompass the room, but Velindrel was so capable that she was sure he had included a way to dial the affected area back.  "We'll obviously dial it back.  Despite his glowering, Damien is a valuable member of the team, and every girl needs a looming shadow to threaten off any unsightly hangers-ons, right?", she said, laughing.  Behind her, Damien's glower broke into swallowed pride that he cast off toward the corner, as if it could be unseen.

"You mentioned capacity earlier," she went on, "Does the device need fuel or a magical charge of some kind?  I apologize if the question is silly, magic isn't my forte."

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Velindrel considers the question itself.

He nods calmly.  "It has self refueling energy supply.  Tis built on the cells I worked into and around the vakar ore itself."  He tells her.  Vel...they were at the nickname phase.  He grins.  He considers what else he needs to tell her.  "The grooves in the pendant power ye's device."  He explains to her.  "As before I have writ ye some notes."  He hands her the manual of operation.  "I made sure my people would not have security footage of the...certain metal we used here."  He explains to her with a nod.

"I meant to ask ye, art ye a Slayer?" He muses to her.  He knew there were certain people out there that hunted folks like the Vampyre near his client.

"Ye doth not have to respond to the question."  He says curiously, he was respecting her need for privacy.

He further considers the situation.  "The...metal you were able to produce leads me to think ye art connected, and well I might add ye see?" He says and continues.  "Such connections would benefit me and mine employers quite well..."  He says to her calmly.  It was an invitation....


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"I meant to ask ye, art ye a Slayer?"  Though she had been looking down, Marina's light green eyes darted up at the question, watching Velindrel's expression through the slats of her dark lashes.  A small smile tugged at the edge of her lip, curling it upward as if she bit back embarrassment, perhaps at being called out so directly.  For once, she was quiet, and the stillness was unsettling on her, like the sun without its churn.

"Ye doth not have to respond to the question."

She lifted her hand and threaded it beneath her thick dark hair to scrub at the back of her neck, and shrugged a little when Velindrel said she didn't have to answer-- wasn't not answering its own answer?  

"Of a sort," she finally answered a moment later, after initially hesitating.  "I do my part.  Not counting Damian here, I'd take a match to the whole lot of them, but, you know..."


She set her jaw, anger tightening her pretty features into a half-sneer that reflected the ill-will she bore them.  It hadn't been long; she could still remember her life leaking out onto the street.  The memory of it kept her quiet until Velindrel filled the silence.

"The...metal you were able to produce leads me to think ye art connected, and well I might add ye see?" He said and continues. "Such connections would benefit me and mine employers quite well..."

"I have friends," she said simply, "We could probably work out something more regular, depending on what it is that you need.  We could barter, or do straight deals."  She glanced down, then back up to smile at the Smith.  "We have access to a lot of things... but, also, sometimes some odd needs..."

The suggestion lingered, waiting for Velindrel's response.

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