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The Lancey Incorporated Guild...

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It was a slightly warmer day in the temperate zone of Casper.

He looks up at that point seeing the afternoon sky.  The representative from Lancy Inc was a man named Delloth.

Delloth looks at the old smith for a moment.  "So we're clear the workshop forge you have opened here in Casper is up and running.  We expect to see a lot of Rhodium revenue coming in Velindrel.  You have gotten clearance."

Velindrel nods.  "It will be open to...individuals who need to have their equipment serviced."

Delloth steps closer towards Velindrel.  "We have clearance from the higher ups to operate in various shades of gray."  Delloth says calmly.

A short while later the shop of Velindrel powered and funded by Lancey Inc, a guild within Casper, was up and running.

Velindrel begins that work week by filling weapon schematics for the local guards and militia folks of Casper.

At that point in our story, Velindrel had developed quite a name for himself  and wanted to become one of the most skilled engineers and smiths of that age.

But all legacies started small...all legacies needed the foundation to be built on.

He'd constructed the forge in Casper with Lancy Inc's blessing.   He'd used a considerable amount of his own spiritual power to activate the power of the forge itself.

In other words, the whole building was partially sentient.

Vell takes a moment to glance at his master anvil sitting in front of the forge itself.  He powers the whole building on with the spark of life.

One of the greatest minds of their age...

He begins to go to work.

As a wind comes in from the seas near Casper, they gently rock a carefully crafted sign that reads plain as day: Open for Business.

And that they were...


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