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Pokemon Wars 1-shot Alternative

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  A letter arrives to your home address declaring the following to you.

  Good evening Tokyo Citizen, your great, and glorious Pokemon Emperor has chosen you to fill the ranks of the Poke-Corps in service of the Emperor. You will proceed to: House Oak , making your way to: Pallet Township for registered Pokemon certification, and training regimen for the next year. Your service is mandatory, and cannot be refused under penalty of firing squad. You are cleared for the following equipment in your service to the Emperor against the Western Block, and China. The Shadow Pokemon Cultists are an abomination to the Emperor, and the Dark Pokemon he grants us. Long live the Emperor. Have a nice day.

Proto-Pokemon Clearance level 10.



  You are cleared for the following equipment optimizations for your services to the Emperor:

  149 Pokemon types that are in needing of discovery in the immediate region of Japan for War.

  Certified for Full Automatic Weapons Training, and Explosives, incendiary's, and land-mines.

  Certified for Bicycle, Surf, Fly, Cut, Hypnosis, Safari Zone, Psychic, Dark Psychic, Fractal Prison Sphere Mk. 13 x6

  Pokedex Version 95, Cruise Ship Authorization, and Ghost Tower Authorization

  12 Potions

  You will learn safety of all Pokemon Elemental attacks, and how to save yourself against Berserker Pokemon Syndrome that sometimes develop without warning. This is to ensure safety between Pokemon Trainer, and suspected Pokemon who failed in the experiments in the lab. You will be outfitted with the latest Pokemon Scouters, and Luminescence Corporations finest camping materials to continue your journey of discovery to being the best trainer you can be. You will encounter rivals throughout your journey who will wish to defeat you in combat. However please note in Japan it is illegal to kill your rivals while in range of the Emperor. Any who contest the rule of the Emperor will face harsher penalties including Jail Time, even so far as to have your memory Erased. 


  Level 10  Pokemon Trainer Purse: 1 Trillion USD


RocketCorp Unlimmited a united bio-engineering company TM 2003


  You will be limited to 149 Pokemon in this scenario, this was a story I wrote a long time ago with a group of friends. Your Pokemon can be killed by other Pokemon as they had yet to develop the ability to faint Pokemon to save them from fighting too long. Also note that a trainer from another nation can kill your character during war time, when your sent into the fight. You can choose to be the Eastern Block [Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, S. America, Australia, etc. Vs. China, Russia, India, Mongolia, Germany, Britain, etc. If you would wish to develop your own profiles for this be my guest, you may also create a rival corporation to mine in this scenario. Ghost types are more prevalent in the Western Block, Dragon types are more prevalent in the Eastern Block. You may breed new Pokemon types, and I will allow Steel Types.]

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