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[Closed to Evil] Act 1

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He takes a break from the heavy crafting of that day.

He pours some cleaning water on his sweat covered body and feels the trickling water cascade down his clothing and body.

Needless to say, it feels good.

His shop is in Casper proper, a large forge construction edifice that housed a great number of Lancy Inc employees and people from outside who wanted to earn an honest piece of Rhodium.

Velindrel was an Elf.  The tell-tale signs were there from his visibly long ears.

Unlike most Elves who were considerably lithe folks, he was an unusual specimen.

He was built extremely powerfully well built.

Years of working the smith's anvil and hammer made him extremely strong.

But his physical prowess was use in artisan endeavors, not the arts of war though his craft was oft used for warfare.

Velindrel of clan Rahnar stands outside of his shop at that moment taking a much needed break for the day.

He looks around, he's an olde smith with a considerable reputation surrounding him.

He wears simple artisan attire and takes a long drink of the crystal clear water skin he was drinking from and had just then poured water all over his over heated flesh.

The forge work area itself was a hot place...

And he oft worked for many hours straight he was a hard worker.

His green eyes look around and he waits to see what the day will bring him.

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  Exile the Ronin wandered into the forge inspecting many of the weapons with a keen eye, his mask partially hid his face as he wore a black gi, cowl, and claws even. Looking at the fine assortment of blades in the display portion of the forge Exile passively inspected each weapon judging it for how well he could defend himself from other refugee's from the East. Exile's green eyes looked to the stout looking Elve in the forge, noting that he wouldn't wish to chance a fight with him, he cautioned himself at speaking until he overlooked all the fine weapons in the forge display. He had traveled many places in this world, and wanted to get a better battle suit than what he currently had. 

  Along his travels he found out about the Blacksmith from other hushed conversations in refugee encampments. As one to take advantage he found it challenging to get inside of Casper, the black market freaks charged too much for false idea. Exile himself having no use for a name being a refugee he had gained a sinister reputation from the camps as to being objectively cold, it proved challenging working with others to get inside Casper. As he combed over the weapons in the shop dais for himself he needed more than just weapon, he was interested in finding a way out to riches, and retirement. 

  Idly he wondered about finding a way out of his troubles for being a refugee who had little to offer in a nation divided against itself. As he did his expression went blank as he shook his head deciding it made him stick out too much. "Hello, I was wondering about your skill as a black smith, and if you had anything a monk would prefer to use in combat."

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He stands there calmly as the lad makes his way towards his position.

"Aye lad.  I can make ye anything that fancies your profession."  He'd been vaguely familiar with the term Monk.  He'd imagined by the fellow's attire that he was from some lower tiered caste of society he was from.

He didn't have anyway to know he was looking at a refugee.

He only knew the desire for profit and the desire to help people for the right amounts of Rhodium.

He looks at the boy for a moment too.

"As I said earlier lad, aye, I can make what ye seeketh for a price."  He smiles at that point and his eyes seem to have a sparkle at the talk of potential profit...

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  Exile smiled briefly as he nodded sensing out the situation for what it could be. Nodding as his expression cleared Exile added rather hesitantly, "I just recently found my way in, I do have plans, however I need a crew to work with, and an Air Ship if you have one." Looking to the boiling forge in the distance he considered it a blessing to be accepted by a smith. Listening politely he gestured to the weapons he saw on display, "The wares look good, I'd help you acquire whatever material you would need, and help you out in any way that I can, even gutting someone if you needed it."

  Judging himself quietly he felt a little sad about being an assassin for hire, as it offered little comfort, and strange bedfellows along the way. Laughing off his past as a refugee, Exile listened a little more politely as he applied himself to listening more. After careful consideration, and concluding that he had little open to him but to accept the offer, and hang low, or be discovered, and take the chances here, and now. Without thinking it gave Exile comfort in knowing he would have this window while working with a decent person in this awkward nation.

  "Seeing as I have little choice since I just got out of being a refugee, I'll take your offer, and sign on to whatever you may need to get something going."

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He listens to the boy's words.  He's a refugee...I'll have to show some caution here because I can't get my Guild in problems.  He's a helpful man so he thinks on the request carefully.

In a few moments he comes up with a suitable solution.  "Airships are a Genesaris matter lad."  He begins showing a kind demeanor, he speaks in a thick and rough Casper accent.

"However ye needeth gear."  He begins.  "Apprenticeship would be a suitable solution in this matter we could always use more able hands here. If ye has the desire to learn and work hard."

"I have an estate outside of Casper proper I can shelter ye there while ye are staying in Casper."  He knew that his Guild oft dealt with such matters...he had to be delicate as he had a reputation to uphold and that was far more important than politics.

He nods.  "But ye must be hungry where art my matters?" He says calmly.   "Come with me I'll fix ye up a hot meal."  He says, no use working on an empty stomach after all...he guides the lad towards one of the kitchennette areas of the forge and greets people kindly along the way.

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  Exile was content to listen to the man for now, as he considered this an opportunity worth venturing for. "Aye, I could use the help, and vice versa if you need some help from me." Quietly Exile studied the concerned expression on the man's face knowing he too took the risk of seeing him. Stiffing a little he kept his shoulders back, and his head up for the rest of what he had to say.

  Nodding, Exile leaned in a little to hear what was said as he voiced in, "I haven't been an apprentice in a long time, however it seems like a noble pursuit honestly. I could use the training that it has given you, as you seem in alarmingly good shape." Admiring the physique a little of the Forge owner, Exile understood why Casper was so affluent on this continent. As a refugee he himself wouldn't want to face even a civilian of the government, seemed risky.

  Indulging in the story briefly he smiled a little as his luck seemed better for having met Velindrel. "I can definitely get the job done without so much as a peep from you. Just show me what you need done, and I will accomplish it with little quarrel."

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He chuckles a bit at the comment.

"Years of working the forge lad."  He explains.  He prepares the boy a meal himself, he was a fair cook.  It was a good way to get the ball rolling.

He sits down at a table in the kitchenette area.  "Here have a seat lad."  He gives the boy some good food, Casper cooking.  Probably some style of grits and sausage.

"Working the forge is not a bad life."  He begins.  "We oft get jobs from the local police force and militia repairing their equipment.  Soldiers need gear in top shape ye see."

"It is good steady work lad."  He explains.  "Ye work hard, I'll cover ye's room and board here.  All Heroes need a good place to live, a roof over their heads ye see lad?" 

"We Casperans are known for helping blokes in need."  He pauses pouring the boy a drink.

"Teach ye our ways, I am certain ye has stuff to teach me too!" He chuckles.

The wizened olde smith studies the boy's garb and attire.  "Seen a vagabond in ye's attire once in my early youth."

"Would say I was twenty ish by Elf reckoning."

He nods at that point.  "Today we settle ye in, I'll bring ye to my estate proper and get ye situated in a proper quarters.  Ye must have been through a lot lad."  He says calmly taking a much more serious expression as they speak.  "I shalt have ye working the anvil in a few days."  He says.  "I know ye art probably eager to work, but I want to do right by ye lad."  He explains.  He hands the boy a goblet of the same drink he was drinking, a rudimentary ale.  He drinks a bit of the bitter ale, it had a flavor and texture that grew on the drinker.  


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  Taking his time to secure his footing Exile followed Velindrel obediently, and listened along the way. Knowing more about those who held power was appealing to Exile for the purpose of information. As he carefully memorized the information given he offered, "Often times when a refugee is out attacks come out of nowhere, you can get lost, it's also very dangerous, and it occurs that I know little of city life."

  Studying the man he saw the advantage of working a forge as an apprentice since much of it was a steady job, and less walking into danger. Tucking away the fact that the armor of the city guard could be broken appealed very much to Exile as he straightened himself. Studying his expressions he did as he was told, and sat down for a meal quietly looking up Exile whispered his thanks to him. Listening to the agreement he nodded his consent to Velindrel as he added, "I appreciate everything that you are doing for me, I forsake my name a long time ago. You can call me Exile, as I have had little use for a name given my rough profession in the past."

  Eating the food before him overjoyed he could eat something not hunted, or gathered for calories, his mind felt sharper for having this. Nodding at the dialogue of Velindrel so he knew that he understood Exile would keep eye contact as he finished his meal. "I'd be more than happy to help out in anyway that I can. Your hospitality will not soon be forgotten friend."

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He listens to what Exile speaks of.

He couldn't know what horrors he'd seen in his life, but he had some idea.

The goblets they drank from were simple cups, decorated with some markings or another depicting them as property of Lancy Inc.

He eats with the boy and as they talk, he gets to know him better and understands the rough life he must have lead.

"Aye lad, worry not about repayment.  Just work hard and pay it forward ye see?" He says calmly.  He considers that other point, must had been a good while before he last had a hot meal.

"Take ye's time eating lad.  Life on the run is not easy to deal with but ye art safe here."  Velindrel explains.

He was a little concerned of international matters, but he'd explain the situation to the higher ups.

He just knew Exile was in trouble and needed a lot of help.  He gets up at that point and hands Exile a small pouch.  "Rhodium, currency of these lands lad.  First pay under employ of Lancy Inc."  He explains.  "That's your first week's salary is enough to get situated with here."  As he stands there next to Exile he nods.  "My estate is a little ways outside of Casper proper lad, but we can make it by night fall if we hurry.  Ye can eat as we walk."  He explains.  "There be matters ye need to be aware of."  He explains as they walk.  "Casper is a Guild city, lots of corporations big and small.  Ye has to learn how to navigate that it can be intimidating first month."  He says.

"I'll show you the ropes."  He explains.  "Ye art a Lancy employee now so ye has to learn all this stuff."

"Later this week I shalt make ye a suitable weapon.   I'll teach ye how to upkeep it."  Maintenance he was talking about, a blackmith needed to know how to upkeep his gear.

"Tonight though, just rest and I'll give ye a proper tour tomorrow."  He explains.  They arrive at Rahnar Estate, his home.  A several acre land that featured a castle style mansion in the center of the the estate.  A side forge was visible that was constantly being supplied with work.  There were a few hundred people living in the estate.

He guides Exile to a empty bedroom nearby to his own bed room.  "Here lad.  Ye's home.  I phoned and made sure they had the bed ready for you to sleep in.   Bet it would be nice sleeping on a real bed and not the wilderness ground lad."  He jokes calmly.  "Ye settle in lad, take a load off.  Tomorrow I shalt give ye a good tour of the estate."  He nods.  "If ye needs anything call on this communication device."  He hands Exile a phone.  "Ye can reach me on there whernever ye need.  I have a few small matters to take care of tonight."  He nods once more.  "Tis been a pleasure Exile, when ye training starts I expect good things from ye."  He takes his leave to go towards his side forge for a while there was work needed doing.

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Exile ate rather quickly nodding as Velindrel talked, he was a keen listener throughout all of it as he ate. His eyes lowered a little as he was comforted by the home cooked meal, long had it been since his last meal by anyone. He reflected softly in his mind about his parents, as he listened to all of the instructions the older Elve gave him. Exile wasn't so sure why he was so cordial to just listening as of now, but it felt right.

  Exile hurried with Vel as they hurried to his house along the way, the city was full of people eyeing him suspiciously. Exile was just as thankful that there were no wanted posters of him to be seen in town. Seems like isolation had done the job Exile had intended it for, he registered in his mind as he followed Velindrel. When they got to his house Exile studied the location, looked behind him noting they were about due North by his calculation. Following Velindrel in, he nodded and was actually quite thankful for the opportunity, shocked by his kindness Exile stated more freely since they were in his home.

  "I am not sure why you decided to help me, however please not you have my gratitude from the bottom of my heart, I won't let you down." Exile nodded his head a little lower to show respect to him, and his new home thanks to Velindrel. The admiration seemed to reflect as he lowered his head to almost a bow of respect, Exile raised his head up, and pocketed the Rhodium, thankful for the room. "Whatever tasks you have for me, I will see done appropriately, you have my word. 

  Remembering who he needed to go through Exile pondered how much stronger he'd get just working a forge constantly, then inwardly smiled. Setting his backpack down he looked out the window to be greeted by a sparrow on a tree. The clouds rolled in innocently as he took in his surroundings, thankful to be away from the unforgiving landscape. Looking over to Velindrel he wondered how long the man had lived out here in peace, it made him a stronger man than most Exile noted.

  Taking the communication device Exile nodded to him with a rare half-smile as he reflectively spoke, "I appreciate all that you have done sir, so rare is it to find kind people in this world."

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He arrives at his side forge.

The words of kindness between Exile and Velindrel linger between the two of them for that last moment and he nods with respect towards the boy.

Once he arrives at the forge he prepares for a heavy work month.

He knew his companion needed a sword, but not just any sword, an exceptionally well built sword.

He cracks his knuckles at that point and gets to work.

He's given his workers instruction to guide Exile to the forge when he was ready.

Initially, Vel was going to give Exile  a tour but he was too eager to get the boy his sword constructed.

He looks at the inferno like forge for a moment and nods.  He was ready.

He begins by grabbing a pair of tongs from nearby the furnace like forge and he grabs Dlarun ingots that were pre made by him and his workers, for many months since.

Taking the ingots he carefully begins to manufacture the ingots into a workable base for a sword that would be engineered by him.

He begins the hard work of manufacturing the weapon...

Once the base of the sword is constructed that night, he begins to cross engineer the Dlarun blade and attach a grip to it.

The whole thing is constructed with the finest Dlarun ingots he has access to.

Once the blade is constructed he begins the delicate process of augmented the cold elemental properties of the weapon with his own Chi.

The blade would be a devastating weapon once it is fully completed...

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  Exile felt a little bit emotion overcome him as he was left in the room alone, as he slept on the bed. Lingering awake as Exile thought about his home from a while back, and the local friends he'd had. Exile had barely been of age to leave when he'd been enslaved as a refugee. As if it were an afterthought Exile rolled over, and closed his eyes, content to have a mattress to lay upon for the night.

  Tentatively his eyes closed as Exile sighed exhausted from his constant travels, he hoped it worked out with him, and Velindrel. Something in the back of his head made Exile weary that something was off about this nation. While he wasn't exactly native to these parts, he'd be hard pressed to speak of his life as a vagabond, or refugee, or even assassin. Exile felt his body ill at ease on such a soft mattress, having been used to crawling into caves, holes, or whatever abandoned shanty lay on his journey through the wilds.

  Still, Exile slept much longer, and heavier than he had the prior night straightening out, he raised up stretching himself to wake naturally. Exile put his boots on, and washed his face, taking a dagger he shaved whatever stubble was on his face clean-shaven. Exile looked in on the Forge on his way out the door to check on Velindrel, and see what the older man had done with the night.

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He worked hard that entire night.

Without food, sleep or drink...

The olde smith was driven by his need to have that sword constructed.

As was his destiny.

He was forever history's servant never meant to be a Hero himself.

The olde man was okay with that he preferred to arm Heroes than be a Hero himself.

He worked hard well into the morning hours of the next day...he made sure that he had the base of the sword constructed though the weapon itself would be completed at least a month or two later on down the road.

The core was there though, comprised of Dlarun Ore ingots he knew this was one of his finest creations yet.  Emblazoned with ice elemental energies at the sub molecular level, augmented with his own Chi.

He burned a lot of his own energies to empower the weapon, which would be fit for the finest warriors.

He built one of the first of the empowered weapons of that age he would make himself.

At that point, once the basics was completed...like any masterful work of art...the canvas was set.

What needed doing was fine tuning and adjustments.

He works hard on the weapon, breathing in a very real sense of it, life into the weapon with his own energies.

At the time Exile arrives, the weapon is locked in a stasis chamber for a moment...it still needs a lot of work but the basics are there.

The sword has energy and cold air swirling off it in the stasis chamber and is asleep for the time being.

Yearning for it's new master.

It was a ironic matter, the olde smith made weapons for Heroes but was destined to never be one himself...that was his curse.

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  Exile made his way into the forge eyeing the maddening pace that Velindrel had worked at the entire night. His mouth fell slightly agape out of surprise that he had the stamina to put a full nights work away with no food. Absently he thought to ask if he was okay, "I never expected you to work the whole night I slept, thank you no one has ever done that for me. I am not use to cooking, but maybe I could learn from you, and learn to cook you breakfast."

  Exile had been surprised to feel the full heat of the forge touch his cold body, suddenly he was invigorated by something in the room to work hard here. Exile's senses felt augmented, hastened, targeted, and precise - like a smith would ordinarily be. Smiling Exile realized that Velindrel had his own power for doing this, he couldn't imagine the amount of stamina the Elve had, but was surprised by this. Looking over to Velindrel he gestured to the blade made of Dlarun, "You have a gift, there's no doubting that, I am so glad that I managed to find you all the way out here. I think we've got great work to do there friend.

  Exile's eyes studied the blade seeing the power of ice ebb from it as he felt new to swords, though he'd used one initially in his training. Looking down to his hands, Exile had been used to fighting with his hands, despite his age he felt fine using them. The sword was prized by Exile, long had he wanted to train with a blade ever since he'd reached this land on foot, maybe times needed to change, "All things considered that is a majestic looking sword you worked the night through, I can't thank you enough for a powerful weapon like that. I owe you one, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much."

  Walking over toward Velindrel, Exile reached into his pack, and took out his claws, obviously a little worse from wear from, laying them on the forge, he looked slightly ashamed. "Sadly I never actually learned minor mending of my claws in the course of my travels, perhaps you could show me a thing, or two while you're still going strong."

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Vel was in a self induced half trance when Exile arrived.  The boy's voice entered his consciousness a few moment's later and he pulled himself into the mortal's world at that point.

He opens his eyes at that point and sees Exile.  "Aye lad.  No need to feel shame.  'Twas a pleasure making ye the gift."  He says calmly.  The sword awaited in it's stasis tube, not yet ready to be wielded.  "Right now ye's weapon slumbers.  She will be a fine sword indeed lad."  He explains.

"I must make a few modifications to it before it is ready but it shalt be a fine art."  He says to Exile.  His eyes wander towards  the boy's battle claws.

"Upkeep...this shalt be ye's first lessons."  Vel explains calmly.  "Be ready to work lad."  He stands up a moment later and looks at the boy's claws.  "Aye.  Worse for the wear indeed my boy.  Together we shalt service these weapons to their true potency."   

He looks at weapon for a moment.  "Here."  He says and begins to use various tools to attach and repair parts to the claw like weapons.  He shows Exile how to upkeep the weapons, leading by example.  "Ye see, a weapon is no different than one's own skin lad.  A lover one might take to one's bed at night."  He repairs one of the claws showing him how do it as well in a simple and easy to follow sort of way.  "Ye try now lad.  Take your time and use the tools in the shop we start small.  Upkeep ye's equipment and they shalt take care of ye when the hour is darkest."  Velindrel explains.

"Ye's sword will be ready in about a month.  Tis but a canvas right now, but it's power sleeps within it and within you, the sword man destined to wield her."

"If the Gods came down to our world, that sword wouldst cut them too...nice and sharp blade.  The legendary weapons of our age."  Velindrel says with some sense of pride in his work.

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