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Mommy it stings - Die Shize's Finger

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Just so everyone (everyone relevant at least) understands why I may have some delay in postage, given that I'm in a few threads and had the audacity to Interest Check yet another one just the other day...




This is what happens when you stick your hand in a drinking glass to wash it. A noble endeavor, most certainly, yet glass can be a flimsy material, or so the evidence supports. As I scrubbed and twisted within the amorphous depths to get to the bottom, my hand forced the glass apart in an instant.

Well, despite what Hollywood would have us believe, what with all the punching through and jumping through windows, glass is as sharp as a razor blade and it does not play around.

Sliced an absolutely juicy depth into my finger and bled as profusely as a juicy plum.

Those are four stitches in my poor little pinky and they come out next week. Typing is difficult; I'm a QWERTYer, not a hunter-pecker, and this little guy is in some pain and faces some challenge with movement.

Fret not! I should be good to go well before a week when it comes to roleplay. Just wanted to do my due diligence and inform the folks round these pards.

Stay uncutty, my friends, and keep those fingers fabulous!

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