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Sunset and sunrise, the cycle continues

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I’ve been on this site for around 5 years - some users have been here for more, and others less. But to quote the migrant guide (which I wrote most of): “... ultimately, all things come to an end. Valucre's end is less it dying, and more of all the great ideas behind it being reborn into something better and brighter.”

I’ve seen two extremes for large-scale RP site setup. They’re either very open and freeform, which breeds amateur godmodding murderhobos, or they’re too structured, with too many barriers to entry, and at worst become an elitist circlejerk of veterans. Valucre is in many ways a successful attempt to find the middle ground between the two - it avoids super high barriers without sacrificing quality engagement, and over the years many users have built wonderful things and played amazing storylines on here.

But Pretty Good Roleplay takes all this to the next level, far exceeds what Valucre had, and strikes the golden balance.

Whereas I've seen roleplay on Valucre focused on the world and things you can do in the world, or things you can gain or take away from the world, PGRP takes a step back to frame things in the bigger picture - how should a game world be built? How can you build a game world that is both fun to manage and fun to play in, one that supports fulfilling long-term storylines but doesn't lead to burnout?

Instead of the bureaucracy that often plagued the board leader system, game managers on PGRP have full liberty over settings they create. Instead of viewing settings as merely places characters can travel to and do whatever they please in, PGRP frames them as games where the game manager has full control in defining what kind of storylines they support, what kind of approaches they encourage (whether it's combat, socializing, or others), their canonization process, and other useful criteria.

In the end, play-by-post roleplay is a game. Different players want to play different kinds of games, and different game managers want to run different types of games.

What PGRP did is built a freeform system that supports game managers who want to run the games they want to, while making it easier for players to find games that they want to join. At the same time, that system rewards sustainable, dynamic game management and encourages sustainable roleplay. 

The migrant guide goes into these things in more detail but it's all pretty amazing and I'm excited to see what stuff you guys create on there. I’ll see you on the other side :)))

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