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One half of this moniker is demeaning, as DreamStone is not actually stone-like in any of its facets, while the other half is far more concise, as DreamStone is the materialized version of the stuff of dreams. At its rest state, DreamStone is a thing that cannot be described by any visual means; it merely is and it merely does.

DreamStone functions on the inverse of our laws of energy; it can be created and it can be destroyed. DreamStone is capable of exuding energy only while it is being given energy, producing more as more is exhausted, and producing less as energy is taken away. If the supply of energy is ever cut from a DreamStone generator, the substance completely vanishes.

Interestingly enough, when vulcanized through unknown means, DreamStone glows slightly amber and its properties change entirely. It is ultra-receptive to the subconscious mind of the first creature to touch it, turning the DreamStone into a sentient, animalistic representation of a person’s psyche.

A spirit companion, a creature born from the DreamStone, is one that is inexorably synched with the user’s subconscious, a link which brings to light its own brand of benefits and detriments. The spirit companion is capable of things that land outside the range of possibility for their mundane parallels. Things like telepathy, verbal communication, increased speed, strength, and resilience, and are even capable of becoming a weapon or armor for their user.

Their death, however, will irrevocably damage their master.

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