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GL-17RX Golem

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Model: GL-17RX

Anti-Magic Grenades: Upon explosion, the grenade generates a 100X100 meter disjunctive field that temporarily disallows the use of any magic; the golems themselves are immune to this as their power source is complete closed-circuit and doesn't come into proper contact with the field.

Anti-Psion Grenades: Upon explosion, the grenade generates a 100X100 meter field that, from the perspective of a psion or any practitioner of the mental arts, sounds as if is filled with a dissonant hum and feels as if one's head is underwater. This field temporarily negates the use of psionics.

Crossbow Beams: The right arm of the golem is not shaped like a crossbow merely for aesthetics; at their whim or the command of their unit leader, the right arm engages in a concentrated draw of light and energy around them, focuses it into a bolt, which is then fired at a target. The resultant beams are not to be mistaken for lasers and cannot be reflected, but will either pierce through a target or explode on contact.

Hive-Mind: The GL-17RX model knows no fear, only caution; knows no pain, only abeyance. Among their ranks, there is no such thing as dissent or argument, there is only precise communication. There are entire races of beings that are bred for war; the difference between them and the GL-17RX models is that the models are made for war. From the moment their mission begins to the moment their mission ends, failure is simply and unequivocally not an option.

Mana Reactor: Most mana batteries work as a function of simply drawing in ambient energy and storing or circulating it through a device; the GL-17RX mana battery is different. At its inception, the dual-core battery introduced to various super-charged auranite crystals; above and beyond that, the inside is peppered with modules crammed full of volatile energy that is gently eased throughout the body of the model. This allows for 6 months of continuous function.

Optical Filters: Akin to the satellites, though taking a far less militant stance, the GL-17RX models are capable of perceiving a number of different visual feeds including, but not limited to: x-ray, thermal, arcane, motion, and planar.

Cyclopia Beam: There is a slight channel that leads from the dual-battery core up to the golem’s eyes which collects residual energies from the core and gathers it up; a fully charged channel will allow for 3 concussive blasts.

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