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[CENTER][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][SIZE=4][B][U]Bestiary[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][I] Genesaris has a lot of animals. Some are common, some are not. Here are some of the most interesting ones. [B]Again, feel free to make up one, and even add it here (I will put it into alphabetical order).[/B] (to be updated) Don't complain about the pictures, please.[/I][/SIZE]

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][SIZE=3][B][U]Arazura Horse[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Arazura.jpg[/IMG]A [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2]horse that can grow to be the size of a draft horse. Found in the wild roaming wide plains, the solitary Arazura horse is a heavy black with a silver mane and socks. It is fast, hardy, and intelligent, but is stubborn and impatient , often knocking over and causing havoc for riders hoping to tame it. Arazuras are banned from races for having an unfair edge, but one a lucky trainer got a stunted Arazura and painted it over, winning many races until his secret was discovered… after which he took his horse and ran, escaping rich and happy[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif].

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=3][B][U]Azurai[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Azurai.jpg[/IMG]Taken from the word "azure", the azurai are sleek, regal creatures of the deep sea, although sometimes may be found in deep rivers or lakes. Humanoid in form, they nevertheless glide effortlessly through even the harshest of waters, armed with long claws and inhuman agility as defense against the more aggressive sea creatures. They are believed to be intelligent, but have no vocal communication. Scientists believe they use telepathy, or some kind of complex body/sign language. [/SIZE]

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=3][U][B]Cockatrice[/B][/U][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2]
[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Cockatrice.jpg[/IMG]The cockatrice is supposedly born from an egg laid by a rooster and hatched by a toad on a hill of dung. Whatever its origins, the cockatrice is a deadly creature. It is part rooster and part lizard, or even part dragon. It has the body of a rooster, with bat-like wings and a long, serpent tail. Spikes run along its back, which has both feathers and scales. It is said to be so horrifying that looking at it will petrify a human being, and its talons are extremely poisonous.

[SIZE=3][B][U]Dragon[/U][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2]
[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Dragon.jpg[/IMG]While Genesaris is hardly the only world to have dragons, it is home to a specific type. While dragons among other worlds are regarded as vicious lizards of fire-breathing harbingers of destruction, Genesar dragons are often perceived as auspicious omens. They are graceful, with short legs and long, serpentine bodies, often beautifully scaled with webbed fins along their back and sides and tendrils snaking from their head. It is said that while some have wings, there are others that do not, yet can still fly to their magical nature.

Dragons are usually only seen to the far North-Northwest of Genesaris, but occasionally one may be spotted elsewhere, regarded as a sign of fortune, or in time of drought, a sign of coming rains. There are those who say that a very few people are allowed to in fact ride these huge creatures, but the truth of this is largely up to speculation.[/SIZE]

[/SIZE] [/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][SIZE=3][B][U]Gnashers[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Gnasher.jpg[/IMG]A hideous cross between monster and machine, Gnashers are the insidious creation of a mage who decided there were better ways to guard a piece of land. Gnashers are beasts embedded in the ground. Upon stepping on one, you fall into what you think is a pit lined with spikes, until you see red eyes rimming the walls looking at you. The pit then closes and constricts, crushing and impaling you at once. It then grinds you up, bones and all. Or it’s supposed to; some end up in just the right position and end up starving to death. Screams and foul smells were a common thing around “Gnasher Farms” until they were outlawed. Some Gnashers are very difficult to kill/dispel (they seem to be made of some sort of steel and magical shield) and there are a few places that are gated, having Gnashers. The only way to tell if a Gnasher is around is either by that foul smell of rotting meat or a tiny glyph right where the pit closes.[/SIZE]

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][SIZE=3][B][U]Lanterns[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Lanterns.jpg[/IMG]Lanterns are floating orbs of lights, coming in a variety of colors including gold, white, red, and green. They are seen anywhere in small groups or a pair, but never alone, dancing together. They are harmless, but getting touched by a red one means you’re going to die in the next year (or so the story goes). Getting touched by others can mean good fortune or bad luck, or anything else from coming marriage to becoming a king. Lanterns are actually a common sight in mountains and deserts.[/SIZE]

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=3][B][U]Obsidian Hare[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/ObsidianHare.jpg[/IMG]This is a rare and exotic hare found in the woods of Genesaris. Named for the beautiful black streaks that decorate its otherwise tan fur, this creature, no larger than a regular rabbit, is highly sought after for its pelt. They were once hunted to near extinction until a council member used his influence to outlaw hunting them. Still, it is extremely rare to see one.[/SIZE]

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2]In certain areas, it is considered auspicious to see an obsidian hare.[/SIZE]

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][SIZE=3][B][U]Pacer[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Pacer.jpg[/IMG]A Pacer is a horrifying monster that is said to be a demon more than anything else. It has ten legs, two of them held over its bulging, bloated, insectoid body. The rest end in either mutated hands or spikes. Its head is a blunted oval of fangs and seven eyes, and can get up to 7 feet in height and 10 in length. It makes an unnerving skittering sound and shrieks when attacking, often impaling its chosen target with its legs or ripping the skin off with its fangs. It seems to enjoy playing with its prey, often keeping one for days before eating it; getting captured by one means a slow and painful death. Pacers are fortunately scarce, encountered underground, and cannot be tamed.

[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][B][U][SIZE=3]Roc/Ruhk[/SIZE]
[/U][/B][IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Roc.jpg[/IMG] A massive bird often capable of carrying up to 4 people. They are -usually- glossy black, seen only in valleys capable of holding their immense size and their natural prey; wyrms. They are impossible to train full-grown, but a few have been known to been captured as an egg and trained. Domesticated rocs are usually smaller, but in the wild can easily carry of more than one horse for a snack. Eggs sell for thousands of dollars if a parent roc doesn’t eat the thief.


[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][SIZE=3][B][U]Striykeri [/U][/B][/SIZE]
[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Striykeri.jpg[/IMG]A Striyker is a small, cat-sized creature with the body of a striped snake, and a bird-like head with a curved beak and horn on the back, giving it an odd crescent-shaped skull. It has broad wings and hunts small prey such as mice. It is often seen in dense forests and mountains. It has a vicious demeanor when disturbed, but has been known to be domesticated and tamed even when caught full grown. It possesses high animal intelligence and is a highly valuable pet. Its eggs sell for hundreds of dollars apiece… but they are also guarded by two mated Striykeri.


[/FONT] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2][SIZE=3][B][U]Wyrm[/U][/B][/SIZE]
[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/Razeofthestorm/Bestiary/Wyrm.jpg[/IMG]The wyrm is generally a large, limbless lizard, much like a snake with smooth skin. They bury deep underneath the ground, sensing sound and movements from the surface. Once they recognize the sound or movement of a large enough prey, they burst from the ground, often to swallow the unfortunate beast whole. While wyrms do not need to eat much, they do eat just about anything including humans. It is not unheard of for a city to be plagued by a wyrm.

Wyrms often inhabit forests or wide plains. Broken trees accompanied by a deep hole is usually taken as a sign to walk carefully and quietly away. Wyrms get anywhere from 10 to 100 feet long… and some have been said to be much larger.[/SIZE][/FONT] Edited by The Hummingbird

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(I think this is what I'm supposed to do?)
((Drawn by Saikyn on dA))
[URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/833/merlionbysaikyn.jpg/][IMG]http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/3258/merlionbysaikyn.jpg[/IMG][/URL]The Merlion, around the size of a horse, is a docile creature- unless provoked. With scales the strength of the strongest metal covering its weak face and neck, its muscular tail can propel it through water at top speed. The Merlion tend to escape instead of fight when faced with danger, and when befriended, can be quite a good fighting companion- and it's quite easy to make them like you. However, even when you have a strong bond with a Merlion, never let your guard down when one is around- who knows, they might be quite hungry and question their loyalty when you look like an appeasing snack. Their furry fins are packed with muscles and small feathers, allowing primitive flight a few feet above ground- but they get tired if they travel for prolonged periods of time. Overall, they are easy to train and quite strong, but have fickle loyalties who prefer water over land. Who knows, one day you might have an invincible Merlion listening to every word you say, and the next day your head is missing and your pet is no where to be seen...

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[B]Griffins:[/B] One of the Immortal creatures living on Nvengaria. In the southern and Eastern regions on the mount peeks.
Known facts :
[*]Griffins eat dolphins and other sea creatures.
[*]One cannot lie around a griffin and this ability carries for a 100 mile radius on Nvengaria, those that have travelled away from the place of their creation only have a 60 mile raduis until their return to Nvengaria. Those living near a griffin roost are very honest people.
[*]The ability to not lie carries over to their feathers. Feathers worn over the eyes ears and nose can protect from illusion and spoke lies.
[*]Griffins kill any who touch their young. It is not scent thing, nor is it truly magical. They know who have touched their young years later even if one has been magically cleansed.
[*]Arrows made from Griffen feathers fly truer than other arrows. One will always hit its mark even with out aiming.
[*]Males grow between 12- 16 feet, females are usually smaller 10- 14 feet in size, Wing span of a male is from 11- 15 feet, females 9 – 13 feet.
[*] Mates for life.
[*] Immortal will not die unless killed.


[B]Baskilisk[/B]: Immortal Wanders, prefers areas where there are abundance of rocks.

[B]Known facts:[/B]
[*]Lizard like, but walk on their hind legs.
[*]Grow to about 6-10 feet in height with another 3 foot of tail, which they usually carry drapped over their arm.
[*]Eats rocks, the older the better
[*]can speak all languages even that of animals as they like to wander and learn.
[*]Have a screech that sounds much like an avalanche they use to protect themselves it turns whomever the screech is directed at into stone.
[*]Usually grey or earth tone in color.
[*]Cousins to Dragons and Wyverns
[*]Friendly to all and enjoys learning and talking.
[*] Like all immortals immune to illness, will live for ever unless killed, which is hard to do as their hide is tough like stone.
[/LIST] Edited by Cordeliane

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