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The Water Cooler - Information and How To

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The Water Cooler is a role play bulletin board and open for public use. This board hosts interest checks for roleplay ideas and plots, advertisements for characters, and an OOC subboard hosts OOC threads for conversation regarding specific role plays.

Players looking for other writers to fill spots in their clans or quest, or that are looking for roles like a brother looking for a sister or a disciple for a mentor or hero for a villain can make a good deal of use out of the Water Cooler.

Make the best use of the Water Cooler


  • Check at least to page 2. An interest check that might seem inactive could actually just be an eager writer waiting for a partner.
  • Ask for more information to help determine if the role play is right for you.
  • Include a summary when bumping so longer threads remain accessible to new members.
  • Use an meaningful title when making a thread. "SteamPunk RP in Tia" is more informative than "New rp!"
  • Feel free to request a storyteller as well.


  • Post just saying that you might be interested. Only post if you are interested or asking for more information.


  • DO NOT post more than 3 interest checks in a 7 day period.
  • Your thread must go 5 days without a post or be on the second page before you can bump it.
  • Do not bump more than one thread in a 24 hour period.
  • The template is optional but if unused make sure to include the minimum information the template asks for.
  • If your interest check becomes an OOC chat thread, change the title to include "OOC" or ask a moderator to move it into the OOC subboard.

Short Template
Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk, Modern, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Post-apocalyptic, etc.
Location: Terrenus, Genesaris, Tellus Mater, Iselyr, Non-canon/Alternative.
Idea: Provide the details of your idea to your audience. Include a reasonable amount of information. Too little won't get any attention and too much leaves little room for growth.
FAQs: If questions are posed in the thread that aren't answered in the Idea section above, you can edit your post and include them here. This helps future interested members find answers to important questions without having to wade through OOC chat.

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How To: Advertise your role play
Here are a few methods I've used to successfully advertise a post I made in the Water Cooler. If you have an idea that you don't see here, PM me to get it included.

  • Post in the Water Cooler (obviously).
  • Advertisement options in the Site Market
  • Add the Open tag to your thread so it shows up in Open Roleplays
  • Post on the Valucre Facebook or PM supernal to get a link posted by the site account
  • Welcome new members to your water cooler thread, posting in their new member threads or PMing them. DO NOT SPAM. Contact should be genuine and can include links to your role play. Don't just throw links at our members.

How To: Make a successful Group
If you want to just make a group, follow only steps 1 and 3. If you want to make a group with a higher chance of being successful and getting big, follow them all.

  • Post a thread in the Organization subboard. The pinned template is useful but not required. 
  • Complete at least two events (quests, artifact hunts, canonization, etc) in at least two different nations.
  • Advertise your group in the Water Cooler and get recruits based off of real accomplishments
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